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  1. History.

    The 5th squadron of the Grenadiers a Cheval of the Imperial Guard was formed on the 17th September 1805, as a training squadron for future officers and sub-officers. These trainees were termed Velites. On the 1st August 1811 the Velite squadron became a regular war squadron. Following the Russian campaign the regiment was reformed but this time with six, later seven squadrons. The first four squadrons were termed Old Guard and ranked as the 1st regiment of Grenadiers a Cheval, and the three remaining squadrons were termed Young Guard and classed as the 2nd regiment of Grenadiers a Cheval. Both regiments were re-united in July 1814 under the Bourbons. With Napoleon's return in 1815 the 5th and 6th squadrons were hastily reformed as the 2nd regiment of Grenadiers a Cheval.

    A history of the regiment can be bought from for those wanting to know more about the regiments history:

    Who we are.

    As a member group of Association Brtiannique de la Garde Imperiale, we were originally formed as the Train d'artillerie de la Garde Imperiale, a roll we still depict at artillery events. The reality of the high cost of artillery events with draught horses would render our appearance at events few and far between, the group evolved to depict the Grenadiers a Cheval. Our group had depicted the Grenadiers a Pied since 1972 along side the Artillerie a Pied of the Imperial Guard, so it seemed a logical step to take. We chose to depict a Young Guard squadron, as the standards for the members was far lower- we did not have to solely recruit men who stood around 6ft tall, we could recruit men and women of shorter stature, as the men in the original 5th Squadron in 1813 onwards and had no height requirements. Another bonus was the lack of the distinctive stitched edging to our belts and leather work.

    What we do.

    As a group we train once month for three days at Ty Coch Trekking centre in North Wales. The horses here are especially trained for film and stunt work and are ideal for our purposes. For those who wish to join us, we require a minimum of BHS stage 2 riding and stable management. We dont have the time or funding to teach new recruits how to ride. We also insist that members ride and have lessons in between our training weekends.