Friday, 8 February 2013

Grenadier et Cuirassier

An interesting sketch in the A S K Brown Collection, dated 1806 purporting to show a Grenadier a Cheval and a Cuirassier at rest.

Both figures wear Full Dress (Grande Tenue); the Grenadier's bearskin "(Bonnet a Poil") sports its red cut feather plume; braided cords (unusually in white) and the brass chinscales are hooked up. The "Cul de Singe" is a white lace cross on a red background.

The "Habit" is cut rather full and is decorated uniquely with brass scale "Contre Epaulettes" and a  white aiguilette - this might be a mistake but is also consistent with the bearskin cords and the embroidered grenades on the turn backs.

The bayonet is shown worn from the waist belt and the light-cavalry style cartridge box ("Giberne") has a lozenge-shaped plate bearing stars and a crowned eagle; the  uniform is completed with white breeches and knee boots fitted with steel prick spurs.

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